Some of the areas of work that we work in this section are:

Consulting and management for new asset investments , Investment feasibility analysis, Due Diligence, Conceptual design, Interior design, Architectural and schematic outlet development, Project programming (critical path planning), Financial operating projections and Financial feasibility plan, Pre-opening budgets, National and International Procurement and all the custom logistic (Furniture, Equipment & Operative supplies) , Coordination and installation of various equipment, Press release and marketing campaign for Pre-Opening national and internationally.



For investors and owners who require management to start their hotel or catering ventures,  short or long-term asset management. Also management during management changes, business redirection or strategic process changes.

We provide customized solutions for the whole business operation or partially to manage different departments or areas.

Costs effective solutions by putting the management in our hands and we bring you our proven experience and stability being able to lead effectively your different business areas or alternatively manage the business integrally, with our collaboration we guide you to achieve your targets.



Tailored service to optimize the performance of your establishment by:

  • Competitive set: the improvement of market knowledge and in particular the competitive set of each hotel, restaurant, bar or beach club.
  • Study of your revenues and production: the analysis of your revenues, measuring day to day production duly segmented, we reflect and compare historical income data, with current income, identifying and characterizing the different periods of the year.
  • Design of a pricing and channel management strategy to optimize revenue management to improve the average price per room (ADR), revenue per available room (RevPar) and occupancy.
  • Elaboration of reports for the monitoring of results.
  • Positioning strategies and management for  electronic commerce.



Customized advisory to optimize the performance of hotel and restaurant establishments. Rooms division Management – F&B – Quality Management – Purchase Management – Spa Management – Golf Resort Management – Event Management

We provide solutions to the daily challenges that can arise in different scenarios based on our proven experience managing successfully different operating areas in many adverse situations. We deliver effective operating procedures in a short space of time due to the know-how and previous management skills learned in internationally well-known and established companies.

We provide flexibility in management because we put at your disposal several formulas to improve and make the management more flexible, thus making your organization much more dynamic.



Brand development, positioning and management for hotels and catering business. Reconceptualization and repositioning of brands. Market studies.

We have extensive knowledge creating concept for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants and Beach Clubs in high end segmentation but also in businesses with high volume of inflow. We can offer show different perspectives and deliver new solutions for your current business challenges, for example: redesigning interior spaces, partial or integral renovation projects, creation of new concepts, relaunching of products, creation and development of brands, Public relations and marketing campaign, coaching and staff training .



Analysis of the viability of investments and asset sales considering the value of the asset, the management and its positioning. development of sustainable projects with broad viability. Search for investors and assets with attractive return on investment.

The success of a business depends on its property value, the management, the human capital, the business positioning and Market share.

We provide very in-depth knowledge of the asset in terms of the factors above mentioned.

Some of the tasks we execute are the evaluation of additional investments , the analysis of the management, payroll & wages costs, and cost of management changes and strategies if needed, Bench-marking , asset’s market price, search for the right asset for each type of investment, search and determinate the financial leverage and the appropriate investors, ensure feasibility and assets development, diversifying and minimizing financial risk.



Executive coaching, Professional development plans, In job training, Headhunting for executive profiles, creation of standards and operating procedures, creation of management strategies and development of human resources in the company.

You can take advantage of our contacts and well maintained relationships with different companies to search the right key members and potential talent for your company.

In addition to different courses, coaching and staff trainings, we offer customized strategic tools for the management and development of human resources in your company, including: review of the strategic human resources plan, reinforce synergies between departments, definition of the operational routines to be followed by staff in order to maintain performance and motivation, departmental management improvement programs, customized career plans, training, talent training and development, reviews and update of job descriptions, standard operating procedures creation or updates



Operational management of restaurants, bars and beach Clubs. Event Management and Catering.
Operational audits, creation of standard procedures. Brand development. Tracking operations. Strategic consultancy.

We have extensive experience in managing high turn over venues , large events and very exclusive concepts and we also manage a large and effective portfolio of service suppliers. We offer tailor made solutions to manage  high standing expectations with selective clientele as well as multi-functional concepts.
At the same time, we can help you negotiating with both clients and service providers linked to catering industry.